Previous Meetings

Date Meeting Topic Host Location
06/06/24 Drilling Technology and advancements in cementing, fluids and waste management Equinor Bergen, Norway
07/03/24 Advancements in complex drilling operations Huisman Delft, The Netherlands
07/12/23 Sustainability in drilling and wells and ways to minimise CO2 emissions Var Energi Stavanger, Norway
14/09/23 Innovation, Digitalisation and Automation: The future of the well delivery process Aker BP Stavanger, Norway
01/06/23 Advancements in drilling tools, processes and technology NOV Paris, France
02/03/23 Specialist drilling methods – technical challenges and case histories Wintershall Dea Stavanger, Norway
01/12/22 The road to sustainability in drilling and well operations SLB Cambridge UK
08/09/22 Optimising drilling performance with digitalisation, remote operations, and autonomous operations TDE Group Leoben, Austria
09/06/22 Drilling technology and lessons learned to improve performance and reduce non-productive time OMV Vienna, Austria
03/03/22 Slot recovery & P&A – case histories and advancements in technology Virtual
03/06/21 Sustainability in drilling – reduced emissions and improved performance Virtual
04/03/21 Creating value from drilling automation Virtual
03/12/20 Extending profitability in mature fields through developments in drilling Virtual
10/09/2020 Complex well delivery using managed pressure drilling (MPD) and other enabling technologies Virtual
04/06/2020 Digital breakthroughs in the drilling industry Virtual
12/12/2019 Advancement in plugging and abandonment technology Repsol E&P Madrid, Spain
12/09/2019 Enhancing drilling efficiency, vibration mitigation and hard rock drilling technology Baker Hughes, a GE Company Celle, Germany
06/06/2019 Techniques and technologies to sustainably reduce non productive time Aramco Overseas Company UK Ltd Aberdeen, Scotland
14/03/2019 Well integrity and well control, enhancing competence in the drilling industry GEOLOG / Scientific Drilling International Milan, Italy
06/12/2018 Extended reach and frontier drilling operations/ technologies Tomax AS Stavanger
20/09/2018 Transforming the drilling process through automated drilling and other differentiating technologies Halliburton Stavanger
14/06/2018 Slim hole drilling including TTRD, coiled tubing drilling and advances in expandable and multilateral technology Premier Oil Aberdeen
08/03/2018 New digital and ‘big data’ technologies to enhance drilling performance BP Sunbury, UK
07/12/2017 Extending field life through advances in slot recovery and drilling mature reservoirs OMV Vienna, Austria
31/08/2017 Advances in Drilling fluids and cementing technology Schlumberger London, UK
08/06/2017 Advances in conventional drilling technology SINTEF, AkerBP, NTNU Trondheim, Norway
02/03/2017 Innovation and standardisation in casing and wellhead design 2H Offshore Aberdeen, Scotland
01/12/2016 Pushing the limits – innovative well construction & harsh drilling Kongsberg and Lundin Asker, Norway
15/09/2016 The next wave of innovations in cost effective plug abandonment & decommissioning technologies in field cases Wild Well Control St Andrews, Scotland
02/06/2016 Energising human and organisational factors to deliver world-class wells AGR and RGU Aberdeen Aberdeen, Scotland
10/03/2016 Technologies to reduce drilling cost and increase efficiency – including automation and innovation Huisman Equipment BV Rotterdam, The Netherlands
03/12/2015 Technology implementation: case histories, lessons learned and experiences Statoil Forus, Norway
03/09/2015 Right the first time Maersk Copenhagen
04/06/2015 30pc Efficiency Increase – Dream or Reality? Scientific Drilling Amsterdam
12/03/2015 Short and long term well integrity Total Pau, France
04/12/2014 Well Design – Creating Reliable Barriers ConocoPhillips Aberdeen, Scotland
04/09/2014 Electronic Oilfield Weatherford Edinburgh, Scotland
05/06/2014 Frontier Drilling & Extended Reach Drilling Tullow Oil Dublin, Ireland
06/03/2014 Safe and Environmentally Friendly Operations Tesco Bucharest, Romania
05/12/2013 Well abandonment Shell UK Ltd London, UK
12/09/2013 Quality assurance and well integrity Vallourec Mannesmann Paris, France
20/06/2013 Improving the drilling process Det Norske Trondheim, Norway
14/03/2013 Narrow margin/ MPD Centrica Aberdeen, UK
06/12/2012 Realising the true value of real time data Baker Hughes Inc Celle, Germany
06/09/2012 Non-conventional drilling RAG Salzburg, Austria
07/06/2012 Surface drilling technology NOV Nanes, France
01/03/2012 Prevention of Loss Nexen Aberdeen, Scotland
01/12/2011 Downhole Drilling Technology Talisman Aberdeen, Scotland
01/09/2011 HPHT Maersk Copenhagen
09/06/2011 Risk Management Eni Milan, Italy
10/03/2011 Well Control KCA DEUTAG Bad Bentheim, Germany
02/12/2010 Well construction fluids considerations ExxonMobil Germany
09/09/2010 Drilling performance enhancement Schlumberger UK
03/06/2010 Well abandonment / well re-use RWE Germany
04/03/2010 Well design and integrity – challenging the status quo status quo BG Aberdeen
03/12/2009 Expandables, multilaterals and associated technologies OMV Vienna
17/09/2009 ERD and associated technology Halliburton Stavanger
04/06/2009 Well construction fluids Addax Geneva
12/03/2009 Drilling efficiency, resourcing and competency Baker Hughes INTEQ Bergen
04/12/2008 Mature Fields – Prolonging Profitability Talisman Aberdeen
11/09/2008 Deepwater Operations NOV Kristiansand
05/06/2008 Long Term Well Integrity Chevron Aberdeen
13/03/2008 Drilling Efficiency Weatherford London
06/12/2007 HPHT critical and associated technologies Chevron Aberdeen
13/09/2007 Managed Pressure Drilling / Dual gradient drilling / Deepwater Operations Hydro Norway
14/06/2007 Low cost reservoir access Statoil Harstad
15/03/2007 How can we drill wells more efficiently DONG Copenhagen
07/12/2006 Wellbore stability, kicks and losses (with mud weight window) / Realtime formation pressure & ECD control BG Reading, UK
07/09/2006 Development in innovative well design / slim well design / CwD / intervention / completion Eni Milan, Italy
15/06/2006 Real time enablement of Drilling Decisions Schlumberger Cambridge, UK
23/03/2006 Drilling Education, Knowledge Transfer and competency assessment / Eastern block technology transfer Odfjell Drilling Bergen, Norway
01/12/2005 Underbalanced and near balance drilling Halliburton Bucharest
29/09/2005 Directional drilling tools / systems (RSS, motors, hydraulic, electrical, surveying) BP Wytch Farm Dorset
23/06/2005 Muds / Cuttings disposal / Recent developments in drilling muds ConocoPhillips Tananger
10/03/2005 Annular isolation (cement, swelling rubber, mud solidification etc.) Total Pau
02/12/2004 Well Placement – General / ERD Baker Hughes Inteq Celle
09/09/2004 HPHT / Rotating Head / mud wt windows Varco Drilling Equipment Aberdeen
03/06/2004 Casing drilling / through tubing drilling OMV Vienna
25/03/2004 Learning & knowledge management / Reducing NPT Burlington Resources London
11/12/2003 Low cost wells Shell Aberdeen
11/09/2003 Operation centres Statoil Stavanger
12/06/2003 Rig floor automation DONG Copenhagen
13/03/2003 Wellbore stability Schlumberger Paris
05/12/2002 The drilling / G&G (Geology & Geophysics) interface – best practice forum BP London
19/09/2002 Hydraulics, hole cleaning & cementing Halliburton Celle
13/06/2002 HP / HT Wells Norsk Hydro Bergen
21/03/2002 Expandable tubular experiences & lessons learnt Schlumberger Geneva
29/11/2001 Extended reach drilling Enterprise Oil Dublin
06/09/2001 Lower cost wells Schlumberger Aberdeen
14/06/2001 Underbalanced drilling TotalFinaElf Pau
29/03/2001 Deepwater Operations IFP Paris
30/11/2000 R&D Requirements for 2005 Shell Rijswijk
14/09/2000 Performance Enhancement & Measurement Phillips Stavanger
15/06/2000 Well Planning Process for lower cost wells ENI Agip Milan
23/03/2000 ERD & Multilateral Wells Chevron Aberdeen
11/11/1999 Deepwater Operations Statoil Stavanger
09/09/1999 Extended Reach Wells Enterprise London
10/06/1999 Learning & Knowledge Management Maersk Copenhagen
25/03/1999 Low Cost Wells OMV Vienna