Next Meeting

Next Meeting: 14-15 September 2023

Topic: Innovation, Digitalisation and Automation: The future of the well delivery process
Host: Aker BP
Location: Stavanger, Norway

Meeting Introduction:

Innovation has for a long time driven the oil and gas industry to achieve remarkable feats. Many parts of the industry today would be unrecognisable to our predecessors, however, we still have untapped potential.
In a world where we are driven to ‘do more with less’, further innovation, especially in the areas of digitalisation and automation is required. The well delivery process continues to evolve with time; what technology, digital tools or automation processes will carry us into the future?

The DEA(e) invites presentation related to the following topics for the Q3 2023 conference:

  • Systems automation across the well lifecycle
  • Remote operations advances
  • Well time and cost planning technology
  • Real-time drilling engineering software at the wellsite
  • Wired Drillpipe and Drilling Automation
  • Automating the well Construction Work Flow
  • Drilling rig automation and Drilling Control Systems
  • Data management and digitalization processes applied to drilling, completions and P&A operations
  • Capturing and sharing lessons learned
  • Integrated surveillance methods
  • Drilling / Well construction digitalization
  • Automated material logistics.