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2021 Q4 – Advancement in cementing and fluid technology

Meeting Introduction

Meeting Introduction:

The drilling fluid is the primary barrier in normal drilling operations and is critical for safety and performance. A fluid is not just a fluid, the fluid parameters are very important likethe rheology profile could be a make or break for a well design on a field with limited margins. The use of automatic fluid monitoring systems has been increased the last years and has a potential to bring the industry to the next level. What is the steps we need to take as an industry to get the full potential out of the technology? Fluid and waste management are in some well designs an important cost driver, and what solutions or alternatives could to be developed to solve that challenge.

Barrier and Zonal isolation are very important in well construction and cement is the primary material used, but new advancement in materials and mechanical devices has also become new alternatives in recent years. The use of new materials and metals has been used around the world. The verification methods for new solutions that has a barrier function are very important in well design and need to be addressed early in the planning phase. Cement has a track record that prove the capability, but cement alternatives also vary a lot in different technology solutions and cost effective design. Share the case lessons learned. Formation as a barrier has been tested in some fields and has been verified as barrier alternative.

Challenges associated with changing to less toxic additives is also of interest for this meeting.

We need to develop as an industry to overcome the challenges ahead of us by learning from the past and from other industries and new ideas.