2023 Meeting Programme

2–3 March 2023 Specialist drilling methods – technical challenges and case histories
Meeting Introduction

Meeting Introduction:
The drilling industry is often required to access reserves that require complex and highly specialised technology and skills. This includes drilling wells in deeper water, to greater step outs and with more aggressive, short radius wellpaths. Our innovative industry always finds ways of meeting these challenges safely and with ever increasing focus on performance and sustainability. In this session, the focus will be on some of these ‘special drilling methods. Subjects to be explored could include:

· Extended reach drilling
· Ultra short radius drilling
· Ultra deepwater
· HPHT Drilling
· Next generation well architectures
· Technology for revitalising old fields
· Multilaterals
· Depleted reservoir drilling

Wintershall Dea Stavanger, Norway
1-2 June 2023 Advancements in drilling tools, processes and technology
Meeting Introduction

Please can you help us with suggestions for presentations and/or names of experts in this area who we can approach for the Q223 meeting, both from your company, but also from the industry generally.

Meeting Introduction:
Drilling processes and technology develop and advance with time. This DEA(e) meeting aims to cover new improvements and lessons learned in:

· Drilling dynamics detection and mitigation—the latest in tools, procedures, analytics
· Drilling mechanics and dynamics. Practices, procedures, technology and case histories
· Drilling technology and case histories (downhole tools, drill pipe and drill bits)
· Slim hole and through tubing drilling – low cost well solutions to low volume targets
· Technology for improved downhole understanding and increased drilling performance
· Liner/casing drilling
· Making the most of what we have – developments and optimisations in depleted reservoir drilling
· BHA wear and solutions
· Improve drilling design solutions to increase performance and save costs and improve safety
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14-15 September 2023 Digitalisation and automation in the well delivery process
Meeting Introduction

Meeting introduction for Q3 will follow

7-8 December 2023 Sustainability in drilling wells and ways to minimise CO2 emissions
Meeting Introduction

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