Join Us

Who Can Join Us?

Membership is open to any upstream oil and gas related company upon application and meeting certain criteria. The number of member companies is actively managed / capped to encourage open discussion. If you would like to join the DEA(e) please contact the Network Managers.

The annual membership fee paid allows member companies to attend 4 meetings a year. The DEA(e) keeps the membership fee low as each member contributes to the organisation by hosting meetings, providing technical chairmen and actively sharing knowledge and experience.


Member companies benefit from joining the DEA(e) by:

  • Sharing case history information and learning from other companies’ experience and lessons learned
  • The opportunity to hear a range of innovative project proposals and technology presentations during the 2nd day of quarterly meetings
  • Understanding other members’ drilling engineering R&D needs and strategies
  • Having a forum in which to present their own R&D priorities and seek collaborative research partners
  • Hearing state of the art technology presentations.
  • Networking at the quarterly meetings and social occasions (a dinner organised by the hosting member is associated with each meeting)
  • Access to all the archive material in the Members only area of this website (projects / document library and contacts directory)
  • A say in the direction of the DEA(e) and in topics covered for the year

The DEA(e)’s objectives are pursued through the following means:

  • Sharing data and field experiences between members, including successes and lessons learned, largely via the dedicated technical meetings
  • Provision of forums in which suppliers, research institutes, universities and others, can present development proposals and ask for funding, to an audience of senior drilling engineers from oil and gas companies
  • Identification of members’ common, prioritised technology needs, agreeing where possible on equipment and system functionality and reliability, in order to provide good information to the supply sector to help focus industry research and development activities
  • Liaising with related associations and organisations in order to coordinate events and avoid duplication of effort within the industry

Membership Criteria

Membership numbers are purposely kept to a level that ensures all meetings are relatively informal with the opportunity for all attendees to ask questions and discuss presentations.

Membership is based on the following criteria and approved by the steering committee:

  1. Do you have an engineering function within your company?
  2. Do you employ professional engineers in your company and if so, how many?
  3. What size is your company?
  4. Do you make products/ have services directly involved with well engineering?
  5. To what extent can you contribute to the DEA(e)

If you are interested in joining the DEA(e) please contact the Network Managers with detail on the five questions above.