About Us

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The objective of the DEA(e) is to improve access to and use of drilling technology on a worldwide basis through ongoing knowledge sharing and supply chain stimulation. The DEA(e) will:

  • Maintain a comprehensive network of operators and service companies to provide a pan-industry focus for drilling technology in the upstream oil and gas industry
  • Be focused on two main activities; the facilitation of technical workshops and the management of a powerful shared knowledge resource through a dedicated DEA(e) website
  • Promote knowledge sharing and lessons learned regarding different technological approaches, applications and experiences amongst members
  • Aggregate and prioritise members’ technology needs and gaps
  • Communicate prioritised technology needs to contractors and suppliers and invite them to participate in and propose innovative solutions at workshops etc.
  • Have a pan-European membership, with a worldwide technological focus
  • Potentially spawn a small number of niche technology forums in areas prioritised by members
  • Be managed at an annual fee for operator members and service company members