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Q118:  New digital and ‘big data’ technologies to enhance drilling performance

Thursday 8th & Friday 9th March 2018, hosted by BP –  Sunbury, London)

The industry is facing the challenge of adopting to a new digitalization age, where artificial intelligence, analytics, big data, automation and cloud computing are driving  change. The following topics provide areas of interest, but other suggestions relevant to the meeting theme are welcomed.

  • Establishing data standards, enhancing data delivery and improving data quality.
  • Understanding the maturity of data science process skills and “big data” tools for drilling applications.
  • Application of machine learning techniques to prevent downhole anomalies such as stuck pipe, fatigue and poor hole cleaning.
  • Generating KPIs using advanced data science techniques.
  • Combining physical models with machine learning techniques.
  • Can new digital technologies replace traditional physical models that are readily understood by the work force?
  • Preparedness of the work force to adapt to the new generation of digital technologies.
  • Automating the well planning process.
  • Enhancing visualisation of the drilling process.
  • Visionary technologies that looks to the far future.