2018 Meeting Programme

8-9 March 2018 New digital and “big data” technologies to enhance drilling performance BP Sunbury
14-15 June 2018 Slim hole drilling including TTRD, coiled tubing drilling and advances in expandable and multilateral technology Premier Oil Aberdeen
20-21 Sept 2018 Transforming the drilling process through automated drilling and other differentiating technologies Halliburton Stavanger
6-7 Dec 2018 Extended reach and frontier drilling operations/ technologies
Meeting Introduction

Q418: Extended reach and frontier drilling operations/ technologies
Access to the world’s known energy reserves is constrained, therefore interest in both exploration and development drilling in remote regions continues to grow. A common feature of frontier drilling is access in a fragile or inhospitable environment, logistical challenges and high operating costs, all of which often require unique operating methods. In instances where offshore reservoir targets lie near remote shorelines, extended-reach technology have helped minimise the impact of drilling on the environment while still allowing access to reserves in sensitive areas. Since high departure wells are more complex and expose the rig, crew, BHA and tubulars to a unique set of drilling variables, cost effective operations usually require higher spec equipment, controlled drilling and tripping practices, enhanced reliability and a highly competent rig crew. Downhole ERD technologies are usually focused on overcoming drag forces that prevent pipe from sliding, managing friction to reduce torque requirements, maintaining pressure within equipment limitations, and keeping ECDs inside a narrow pore pressure / fracture gradient window.
The following topics provide areas of interest, but other suggestions relevant to the meeting theme are welcomed.

  • Extended-reach drilling – achievements and records
  • Innovative new technologies that can further extend-reach
  • More effective hole cleaning tools and techniques in high angle wells
  • Managing pressures and ECDs in high step-out wells
  • Frontier drilling, key challenges including logistics and sensitive environments
  • Managing wellbore stability in narrow pore pressure / fracture gradient window
  • Rig crew competencies needed for drilling challenging wells
  • Case studies that illustrate how key challenges have been addressed
  • Use of light weight and high strength materials for drilling and casing
  • Casing running and cementing practices for challenging wells
  • Surveying uncertainty – target size, positioning, geosteering, anti-collision
  • Organisational capability – team make-up, networking, knowledge management
Tomax AS Stavanger

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